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non-English materials

Basic information, including a 100-word biography for use in concert programs, is available in the following languages.

(I'd be grateful to hear any suggestions or comments about these pages.)

Sincere thanks to the volunteers and fans who made these translations: Simon Bohlin, Mustafa Bulan, Rossano Dian, Sage Driskell, Karola Gabor, Iki Her, Bernadette Klein, Maria Kuruskina, Catrine Kyster, Nattaporn Laungpipat, Karoly Lazar, Janar Leas, Youngbae Lee, Leandros Markides, Lucie Maruniakova, Le Phan Quoc Nha, Pietro Papaioannu, Soila Patajoki, Priego Romo, Hennie Strydom, and Kasia Terrill.


Čeština  [Czech] 

Dansk  [Danish] 

Deutsch  [German] 

Eesti  [Estonian]

Español  [Spanish]

Hrvatski  [Croatian]

Italiano  [Italian]

Magyar  [Hungarian]

Nederlands  [Dutch]

Polski  [Polish]

Português  [Portuguese]

Suomi  [Finnish]

Svenska  [Swedish]

Tϋrkçe  [Turkish]


Ελληνικά  [Greek]

Pyccĸий  [Russian]


中文  [Chinese]

日本語  [Japanese]

한국어  [Korean] 

ภาษาไทย  [Thai]

I would also be very grateful to hear from anyone who's interested in volunteering to help me with expanding my translations, on any scale (for example, translating my 100-word biography from English into a language not yet shown above, or helping to expand the existing content for any language shown above).