Shahida  (5:00)

Audio made from mostly-unprocessed acoustic sounds (piano string/frame sounds plus vocal sounds by Sukato) – from my Axis of Beauty project.

(Shahida has been performed or installed in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Argentina, and at the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshhorn Museum as a finalist for the Kraft Media Prize)

Every Time  (5:00)

For The Crossing; this is the 2016 premiere conducted by Donald Nally and featuring soloists Rebecca Myers, Maren Montalbano, Steven Bradshaw, and Colin Dill.

(Every Time was an official U.S. submission for the ISCM World Music Days from the University of Miami's national call, and a 2020 mainstage feature at ACDA South performed by Red Shift)

Stunning Sun  (6:00)

For Abigail Fischer and Momenta Quartet, via an American Opera Projects concert; this is their premiere of the piece from 2008.

Stunning Sun has been performed by Sonya Knussen and Great Noise Ensemble at the CUA New Voices Festival in Washington DC and broadcast on radio in Finland)

Borroso  (4:00)

"Blurred" in Spanish – audio for a Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture concert, based on a processed recording of speech by Hans Timmermans – the spoken words are blurred and sustained via both natural and imposed resonances.

Borroso has been performed or broadcast in England, Spain, Australia, and in U.S. festivals including Aepex Arts and New Music Gathering.)

Other pieces will return to this page slowly!

Part of my work now (mid-2021) is figuring out which of my pre-pandemic pieces will stay in circulation, now that my voice has changed and slowed this much over the last couple of years. I want to figure this out carefully, and collaboratively as much as possible – in deep gratitude for the performers, conductors, and others who've brought these pieces to life over the first 20 years of my career.

This is part of my work on coming back to creative life after 2020's unmappable losses. Drawing a line and following it (but not a straight line – a line that embraces and amplifies the actual surfaces around me, because Real is the New Conceptual :)).